following your intuition

A few years ago I was taking an acting workshop and I remember the teacher saying to me that I seemed like I was a very intuitive person. I wondered what led him to that conclusion. Inside I was thinking, “It is so hard for me to make decisions,” and “If I do have any real ‘gut feeling’ about something, it is very easy for me to talk myself out of it.”

Of course, one of my best impulses brought me straight to New York. I literally had $300 to my name when I moved here. I had no apartment, no job prospects, but I knew it was where I had to go. I wasn’t frightened at all. I wasn’t thinking, “what if this doesn’t work out, then what?” I was completely present, confident, and I just knew. But the thing about taking a risk like this, is that I also had support. I had specifically saved up that $300 for New York, I had a strong network of friends that I knew would be there for me if I needed them, and I had a lot of faith.

Sometimes I wonder, now over a decade after following my gut to New York, have I stopped trusting my intuition?

Maybe all the gut reactions, hunches, and “funny feelings” are still inside me. All I have to do is trust them again. Trust that they won’t lead me down the wrong road.

Many years ago I came across Andrea Scher’s Superhero blog. It resonated with me so deeply and is one of the only blogs I follow on a regular basis. With a friend, she created an online class called Mondo Beyondo. For years now, whenever she has written about it, I’ve thought, “that’s cool,” but considered nothing much beyond that. About a month ago when she posted about the spring session coming up, I was hit with that feeling. I MUST take this class. I didn’t know why. It had nothing to do with anything I was doing at the time, and I was insanely busy as it was–still am. How could I add something on top of that? How could I justify paying for something that seemed so frivolous? And, so, I stuffed the feeling down as I tend to do, but it kept popping up more and more fiercely. In a moment of complete giddiness, I signed up.

I’ll be writing more about Mondo Beyondo as the class unfolds. So far, I’m a huge fan. Turns out following my intuition on this one was SO right.

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