how do you start your day?

One of the things that has been on my “to-do” list recently is to create a daily meditation practice. It’s pretty much always been on my list, but especially so since I’ve been going through a big transition. For years I meditated on a regular basis, but it never became a steadfast habit, and it quickly went from something I did to something I should do. This weekend I went to a meditation workshop in the hopes of getting some tips on setting up a meditation practice and getting back into a routine.

Here are some things that stuck with me:

    • Meditation can be about setting an intention to start your day, whether it be with an open heart, calm, quiet centeredness, or anything in between
    • If it’s hard to just sit down and start meditating, spend a few moments writing down what you are grateful for before you begin
    • For the process and effects to stay with you, spend a minute after meditating to reflect on what you noticed or any feelings or thoughts that came up for you

You don’t have to be in the midst of major changes to benefit from meditation, or any grounding ritual. Do you have a morning routine or ritual that sets you for your day? I’d love to hear them so please share in the comments!

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