passion project

NaBloPoMo Writing Prompt: Are you working on a passion project?

I’ve written a lot about finding your passion, but not really about the concept of a passion project. But I love the idea.

A passion project is something that stews for some time until you finally make that leap. and then you throw your whole heart into. It is something creative and energizing.  It is something with goals and deadlines. And it is often something that involves other people–either collaborating or affecting people in some way…or both!

Several years ago a friend and I started a passion project–for at least a year or two we talked about writing a book. Not just any book, but one detailing certain experiences that we had shared. And then one day, we just started writing. We met, collaborated, worked with a coach, and a year later, we had a fully formed rough draft of our novel. We celebrated by taking a writing retreat in Sedona. This project had all the necessary ingredients: we let it stew, it was full of heart, it was creative and energizing, had goals, and involved us as collaborators.

Here are a few passion projects of my friends that are infused with life, breath, and spirit:

  • Poppy Pictures: a non-profit film company focused on storytelling.
  • Starabella: a set of children’s books with music focused on a little girl with learning difficulties.
  • Dave Hertzberg’s Hearts and Bones: my boyfriend’s jazz/neo-bluegrass band–following his journey behind the scenes has been really inspiring.

Please share any passion projects in the comments!

See also: the challenge.


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