embracing paper


I recently purchased a good ol’ fashioned paper day planner for myself.  I was feeling disorganized and disconnected and the thought of returning to a paper calendar had been on my mind for some time.  Over the past few years, I had slowly switched from paper to digital.  It wasn’t really a conscious choice, but something that happened without me even realizing it, especially when my iPhone started to take near center stage in my life.  One big advantage in having the digital is that my husband and I can share our calendars with each other, and this is kind of a huge deal.  

Before going digital, I had three calendars – a day planner that I carried with me, a wall calendar in my home, and a page-a-day calendar (sometimes one at home and one at the office).  I have to admit, I loved the page-a-day calendars for their inspirational quotes or tidbits of information.  It was such a nice ritual turning the page each day.  The wall calendar was pretty and served its purpose as the keeper of the big things, like birthdays and vacations.  Every January I would routinely transfer all the birthdays and other important days from the old year to the new year.  And then there was the day planner-it was the keeper of my schedule, my to-do lists, and sometimes my journal.  It was messy and colorful and, really when I think about it, it was the thing that kept me occupied before I had an iPhone to do that.  My day planners are snapshots of my life in ways that the digital calendar can never be.  They’re like books on a bookshelf as opposed to books in your kindle or nook.  They are a reminder of who you are and what you’ve done.  They are tattered, with appointments crossed out, hearts drawn in to signify a special date, and stars and double-underlines to indicate a VERY important task.  Paper calendars have soul and in this day and age where everywhere you look, someone’s got a smartphone in their hands (ahem, including me), it’s nice to reconnect in a simpler way.  I’ll never be able to completely switch from digital, but right now I’m craving soul and creativity in my organization and to-do lists. 


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