leave the cookies


I recently watched the first episode of the new season of Modern Family.

Such a good show!!

**No spoiler here**

After being a stay-at-home mom for 17 years, Claire brings in homemade cookies on her first day back to work.  Her boss, also her father, tells her that baking cookies for the office was her first mistake – that it doesn’t show signs of a good manager.


I almost pulled my shirt over my head, because, well, throughout my years at the office, I was definitely guilty of this.  Bringing in baked goodies was my way of spreading joy and warmth (which is what I felt needed a boost). Ultimately, it was also a way to show my co-workers some of my personality in the midst of a corporate environment.

Office environments are, obviously, different, but I think many of us often struggle to be authentic at work (my way was through cookies).  And it’s this struggle that can drain us.  In many ways, finding the right office culture for you may be more important to happiness than finding the perfect work/job/career. I’d love to hear your experiences on how you bring more authenticity to the office.

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