a dreamer

this blog holds space for dreams, courage, passion, hope, imagination, and reflection.

my name is brandy and i live in brooklyn, ny. when people ask me “what do you do?” i often say, well, that depends, i’m sort of a jill of all trades. i do a little bit of everything. over the years i’ve amassed skills, knowledge, and experience. but somehow i’ve lost my way, strayed from my true purpose.

this is where jill of all dreams was born.

this is a map that traces my search for true passion. i guarantee there will be lots of meandering, forks in the road, and GPS malfunctions!

4 Comments on “a dreamer”

  1. Adam Feder says:

    Brandy, i think it is awesome!!!! I really do! I love the questions you are asking!!!! I am looking forward to the journey!!!!!

  2. Hi Brandy! Awesome first post. Just keep writing and we’ll keep coming back for more adventures.

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