it’s the last day

NaBloPoMo Writing Prompt: What did you learn from the “write a blog post a day” challenge?

Wow–is it really the last day of November? So soon!

So here are a few things I learned:

  • I have the time, discipline, and creativity to write more than I originally thought.
  • A writing prompt is not “cheating.” When you can’t think of anything off the top of your head, a simple prompt can keep you in the creative flow.
  • After writing the post about my grandma, I thought, “there’s more to explore here.”
  • I had a lot of people “rooting” for me along the way.
  • I didn’t feel the need to make excuses for the days I didn’t write. That’s a big one for me!
  • I like writing. Period.


See also: the challenge.


“It’s all about balance.”

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard –or said–that very phrase. I’m always striving to bring my life into balance, so that my energy is concentrated in equal amounts on work, friends, play, creativity, love, etc.

We’re always going out of balance, but the idea is to keep redirecting our course of energy.

When I was taking a goal-setting class for artists at Capes Coaching, we spent some time focusing on life balance. For me, the first step was to visualize and write down what my life would look like if everything was in balance. The second was then to ask myself a series of questions, such as, “Do I feel satisfied with my work?” or “Are there any friends I need to see?” or “Are my finances in order?” Based on these answers I then knew where I needed to focus my energy. What this meant was that week to week was never equally balanced. One week I realized I needed to spend more time and energy cooking meals and making my home cozy, and the next week I needed to focus more on social outings and adventure.

As I sit here and write this, what I’ve realized is that life is happening and running and things are getting done that need to get done. It’s the element of self-awareness and reflection that I believe helps the most, whatever system you might use. While I don’t adhere so strictly to my question and answer system as I once did, I learned that figuring out just one step to make towards greater balance is enough to let a little air in.

the challenge

There are certain blogs that I visit like clockwork, just like email, or, yes, even Facebook. Each time I open the site, I get excited when I discover a new post. There’s just something about getting a dose of inspiration or reading a story that you can nod your head at because you relate to so well. It somehow makes you feel not so alone in your own story.

Of course, writing everyday isn’t the easiest thing to do–first you need inspiration, and second you need the time and the quiet concentration.

With that said, I’ve decided to take the NaBloPoMo challenge. November is National Blog Posting Month (yes, that exists apparently!) and I am going to challenge myself to write everyday for the rest of November. To make it a bit easier, the inspiration for the challenge comes in the form of a daily writing prompt.

So, let’s get started!