gettin’ lucky

NaBloPoMo Writing Prompt: What is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you?

Some things that immediately come to mind:

  • Acting on Broadway
  • Meeting my boyfriend
  • Finding an apartment in the same building as one of my best friends

But then I thought, “wait a minute, I don’t want to chalk this all up to luck. I had a hand in all of these things!”

So, what exactly is luck? Is it completely and entirely random? In the acting and theatre world I’ve often heard that it all comes down to luck–that you can do everything right, but, in the end, you need luck on your side to really make it–to be in the right place at the right time, to meet the right person. defines luck as:

What’s interesting about this definition is the idea of force. It’s like having good energy within and around you. And in my mind, that energy is something you can work on by thinking positively and being open to possibilities.

If I were to pick one “lucky” thing that has¬†happened to me, I’d have to say it was winning the lottery. Now, to me, that’s a bit of luck! Last Christmas my dad got lottery tickets for everyone, and I won $500 smackaroos. It was completely by chance that I got the winner–but¬†maybe it was also that I had good energy surrounding me. We’ll probably never know! It did make our trip to New Orleans just a little bit better though.